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A Biography
I became a professional photographer from one day to the next, while living in Paris, where I had been a model and an actress. Thirty years ago, I received a camera as a gift. I picked it up, loved it, and just went to the other side of the lens.

I showed my first photographs to the French “ELLE” magazine, and was immediately hired to take at home portraits of celebrities. It was then, on the spot, that I honed my craft as fast as I could. I moved to Los Angeles, shortly after that, and since that time, spend half my time in California and the other half traveling. A lot of my famous photographs of American actors were taken on assignment for the great “Paris-Match” magazine. My collection of celebrity portraitures is distributed by—the very exclusive photography company belonging to Bill Gates. Besides having my pictures published in international magazines, I have published a lavish coffee table book “Men: Moments.” I also take photographs of business people, who will in turn, often hire me to take additional portraits of their family. I am told that my photographs are very much appreciated because I catch the essence of people—or capture the goodness and beauty everyone wants to be remembered for.

I use primarily natural light and settings wherever I take photographs. I like to constantly reinvent myself as I travel around the world to photograph my clients. I have a passionate interest in the beauty of people, as well as a vast experience in communicating with people in different environments.

It is time that I pass my knowledge to you
Albane Navizet
Author, The Photographer Manual
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